Meet @PrehApp – Digital and personalized Prehabilitation

Prehabilitation is a new trend to minimize hospitalization and improve patient outcomes after planned surgical procedures. The clue: as patient you should better start before the surgery itself with a physiotherapeutic concept. This is done by PrehApp ( a digital health startup from Erlangen which provides a specifically designed digital companion for many use cases like hip replacement, or knee procedures.

For us Health Hackers it was a very enlightening approach of how to spot a really nice market niche and design an easy to use and highly scalable application with a great interdisciplinary team. Nevertheless, the team around Fabian and Max was also very open about their challenges: new MDR, DVG and how to successfully bootstrap your way to proof of concept. What a wonderful discussion! Thank you to all participants!

Now we are eager to help the PrehApp team as they are looking for programmers to boost their further development and hit new opportunities. So if somebody knows anyone who is interested, please write us and we are happy to connect!

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