Digital Health often focuses on bits and bytes, but what really drives us is our biological foundation. Nevertheless, maximum power arises when both domains meet. This is something EpiQMAx is doing in an impressive way. Their operational focus lies on a complex issue that is steadily gaining importance in healthcare and pharmaceutical development: epigenetics.

With his talk, the CEO of EpiQMAx Moritz introduced epigenetics to the Health Hacker community in a way that even people with little or no background in genetics or biology could follow his talk. After setting the foundation he explained why their solution is so important especially as a key enabler for personalized healthcare. Making information that is hard to obtain in a traditional way accessible while creating high potential datasets is the objective of their product portfolio. Based on their technical approach and their “fee per analysis”-based business model they claim to be quicker, cheaper and better than the current methods and protocols on the market. As a final result, the customers – currently academics and big pharma later on also clinics – gain valuable insights in and digital access to the field of epigenetics. Also, from a strategic perspective, Moritz shared their approach on how to successfully pick a growing niche in a highly crowded market.

After the highly stimulating talk, we openly discussed aspects like scalability, use cases such as liquid biopsy and the usage of the created data have were discussed.It was a pleasure to take a dive into this matter and get a glimpse of the potential of the intersection of biology and digital. The code of life and its interactions are super interesting.

We thank EpiQMAx and Moritz for this wonderful talk. If someone wants to get connected with them, please write to us and we are happy to connect!

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