Medical routines and workflow provide plenty of space for innovation. Especially use cases in radiology offer various opportunities for improvement, as the main task of a radiologist is to deduct information from images and sum it up comprehensible and usable for others in the workflow. Surprisingly, many of these workflows still are based on unstructured texts. 

Our guest Wieland and his team from Smart Reporting strive to chante this with their efficient and structured reporting templates. In his talk Wieland explained vividly how they are enabling radiologists to create standardized and guideline-conform reports in a very rapid manner. With an impressive live demo he guided the audience through the different functions and the workflow of a radiologist. A really interesting real-world discussion started as there were radiologists in the audience, sharing their clinical experience. In his outlook Wieland emphasized that the reports and the structured data are the key to development and implementation of cutting-edge AI algorithms. But he raised awareness in the audience that AI can be a difficult terrain in terms of business models and technological biases based on the training data source (e.g. specific Cancer types in Asia). 

Being a radiology professor at the LMU himself he gave insights in his amazing startup journey to change reporting workflows: At the time he was working as a physician and professor at the LMU he started tinkering with one of his PhD students who was able to code. Now almost 4,5 years later Smart Reporting has grown to a team of currently 60 people consisting of experienced physicians, programmers and healthcare industry experts. As a successful VC backed operation Smart Reporting, they are currently planning to roll out their services to other countries. In addition, they are looking for other uses cases to tackle. At the end the present physicians really listened up when Wieland shared his learnings about the transformation from a physician to a full time founder. 

We are very thankful for this wonderful evening and wish Wieland and his team all the best. Currently they are looking for programmers. So if somebody knows anyone who is interested, please write us and we are happy to connect!

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