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Technology can be fascinating and beautiful especially when it serves the purpose: to improve healthcare and help patients. And because of that, there should be a open space and a strong community outside of industry and acadamia where you can enjoy, explore and engage with it.


Think of Health Hackers e.V. like a sports club, but for your mind and creativity. Instead of kicking and chasing some balls down the field, we bounce ideas back and forth and tinker with technology on the future of healthcare. We don’t do it for money or following some business constraints, we do it for fun, exploration and to socialize with likeminded people who share the same passion.


We believe in the power of gathering in person and therefore we organize a variety of activities and events that bring our community together. May it be keynotes of startups presenting new concepts or scientists elaborating on their research, workshops on how to use new technology or the prototyping on a challenge during in sprint format like hackathons. Some of them are casual and open, some are more focused and outcome oriented, but they are all about providing opportunities for learning, collaboration, and networking.

Curious? Just come and get to know the community at one of our events!

There is no need for a membership or registration necessary to join our activities and events. Feel free to spread the word and invite friends and colleagues. Nevertheless, it helps us to plan and attract more people, if you hit the attendance button on the LinkedIn or Meetup event!

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If this idea of a community about technology in healthacer triggers you and you want to identify as member, you find all information here – it is voluntary and no obiligation to take part in the community activities and events

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Financial Transperancy

As we don’t charge neither for a membership nor for our  events (besides sometimes material costs or donations for the drinks and pizza), we run our non-profit association (e.V. eingetragener Verein) with the help of public funding and private sponsoring. We are very thankful for the support other last few years and if you as a person or a company are interested to support us in the future, feel free to reach out. Occasionally, we earn money by offering services like hosting a hackathon (Digital Health Challenge 2018 and 2019), but on our terms and conditions as we are aware of the risk to sell out our community.