Get involved!

Do I have to be a member of the association to participate in the events and projects?

No. Our events and project groups are open to the public and we welcome everyone.

Are there any requirements to become a health hacker?

Basic requirements are looking to engage with the community, curiosity and passion for technology.

How to become a health hacker?

Anyone who identifies with our values (siehe Satzung) ) can and should call themselves a Health Hacker no matter if member or not.

How can I join the association?

If you want to get more involved and actively enrich the life of the association, then become a member!

Aufnahmeantrag – only in german

Then send it to or drop it off at an event!

An annual membership fee is voluntary and the amount can be determined by the member. The amount of the membership fee has no influence on the type of membership and the associated rights. Thus, all can support the Health Hackers e.V. at their own discretion.

(Stand: Januar 2023).